Summer Fun

I make healthy popsicles for my teething babe. She loves them and I don't feel bad giving her a few in a row if she wants more. #momwin

We drink a gallon a day!

I quickly had to start making Hydrate in a gallon pitcher because we got rid of other drinks for our kids. They love fruit punch Hydrate!! I love knowing this is one way we can cut sugar from our diets.
For me, when I start craving sweets I drink Hydrate and it helps me make a better choice or I think I was snacking when I really need to be better hydrated! Don't care! This helps me maintain a healthy weight and make healthier choices!

My son's favorite drink

Our youngest was an avid Gatorade consumer - until I learned how bad it was! Now he drinks Fruit Punch Hydrate and LOVES it!

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